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Here are some sites I support or have an interest in:

NatureQuest is the best birding and all-round nature festival in Central Texas. It is being held April 22-24-2010. We stayed at Rio Frio Lodging and highly recommend it.

The Texas Bluebird Society promotes the conservation of Bluebirds and other cavity-nesting songbirds which are threatened by loss of habitat and invasive species. Their motto is "Bluebirds across Texas... nestbox at a time."

NatureQuest 2010

Rio Frio Lodging

PO Box 155, Rio Frio, Texas 78879
Office Located on FM 1050, 10 miles W. of Utopia, TX 
or 5 miles East of Hwy 83 & Garner State Park

Click Here to Check Availability & Make Online Reservations
For Lodging & Tour Reservations Call Weekdays 10 am to 6 pm
Email us at

Texas Bluebird Society

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